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Viva Italia!

Just between you and me, I was actually anItalophile long before my obsession with France, so its not ironic that I ended up marrying an Italian-Australian. Italy’s contribution to the world of design is certainly not small, and this apartment is testament to that. It’s filled to the brim with masterpieces by some of my favorite artists and designers including:IcoParisi,GioPonti, MaurizioTempestini,Seguso and LucioFontana. Plus, I’m loving the cool calm colour palette…itssoo soothing. I’m honestly not sure how long a place this minimal would look that way with me living in it, but its nice to daydream. It certainly would be a nice respite from the craziness outside in this city! 

Photographed by Giorgio Baroni for AD Italia March 2010.
Speaking of Italian design, that reminds me – there is a new book on another of my favorite Italian designers, Angelo Mangiarotti, now available online from Stout Books. This one is definitely going on my wish list!

And for football fans around the world, especially supporters of the Azzurri, I’m looking forward to watching Italy’s first game in the World Cup later tonight (if I can wake myself in the early hours of the morning). Either way…Viva Italia!