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Calling all Springer fans!

I’ve had Matthews & Parker on my favorites list for some time now, so I was thrilled to receive an email from proprietor Mark Eckman with images of some new releases.

Mark’s story is so interesting I just had to share it with you. Having started out as an industrial designer, and later ghost designing furniture for some high-end trade showrooms working with Lucite when it first became popular, he later started collaborating with the one and only Karl Springer. Some time later, he bought out Springer’s business from bankruptcy just before his death in 1991 – and I’m so glad he did! Matthews & Parker now offer new designs that are inspired by the great designer as well as selling originals. I thoroughly recommend you check out their website as they also offer a custom made service in addition to offering an appraisal and restoration service for original Springer pieces.

They are currently represented only in the US, but fortunately for the rest of the world they are currently also working on representation in London and Paris. So folks, if anyone out there is looking for an original or a Springer-inspired piece – you know where to get it from!

The new “Guerlain” table, inspired by Andre Arbus. Made from white oak with a white leather top.

A Jean-Michel Frank inspired piece, very classic chinois style parsons table, made from two-tone lacquered linen.

They’re both stunning!

My latest purchase…

Remember me lusting after this room in 1st Dibs founder Michael Bruno’s old Paris apartment (a matter of weeks ago)…?

…and declaring to the world I didn’t think I could live with furniture covered in dead elephant? (click HERE to read the post I mean)….

Well I’ve done an about face. Call me a hypocrite, or anything else you can think of. I don’t mind. Actually, I probably deserve it.

I found this stunning table (covered in elephant hide) and wastepaper basket (covered in python) by Karl Springer…..passed in at auction…

And I couldn’t resist.

I know my South African friend will probably never speak to me again. I still don’t condone killing wild, protected or endangered species for vanity, but I guess I figure these had both been dead for a few decades at least. Until I stop wearing leather shoes, belts and handbags I probably can’t be pious about covering furniture in skins of other animals.

I might be opening a can of snakes here…but what does everyone else think?