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Villa Meissen

I know I haven’t been around here much lately…and I don’t even have a note from my parents to explain my absence! Things are a bit busy…and that might be a bit of an understatement.  It’s certainly not a complaint as I know there are people around the world who’d kill to be in my position right now.  Things are good, business is going better than expected, and I am pretty happy about all that I have achieved this year.  It just means my poor little blog has been a bit neglected and unloved of late.  I don’t want to start posting average material just to avoid awkward silences though…I’ve always strived to make sure that this is a blog that I would want to read, look at, and be inspired by, and I hope that by sticking to my guns it means that it will still appeal to like minded people.  So if you are one of those people I’m sure you’ll forgive the sparsity of my posts, and with any luck you’ll enjoy this one.
Villa Meissen in Milan.  I’ve been seeing images pop up in the printed media over the last few months, and honestly, I think I could move right in.  I’m guessing that is the idea.  Many of us are familiar with the name Meissen, it is a town in Germany whose name has become synonymous with luxurious porcelain, due to the fact it was the site of the very first European production of the mysterious white clay outside of China.  The name has since become better known for the company that has perfected the production.  Over their long and illustrious history the company has diversified and started to offer a much more diverse product range, and it seems the Villa in Milan is the perfect showcase for these products.  The interior is definitely my kinda space.  I’m loving the soft serene colours, the mix of classic and contemporary elements and of course the Meissen porcelain products.  I feel the need for a trip to Milan very, very, soon.



David Collins has done it again!The latest project from the drawing boards of David Collins Studio is a stunning new concept boutique for the Italian fashion house Larusmiani in Milan, on the prestigious corner of Via Montenapoleone and Via Verri in the fashion district.

Larusmiani was founded in 1922 and has become world renowned for fine tailoring and luxurious textiles, particularly unusual blends like cotton / linen with vicuna, silk or cashmere. The company’s textiles have been used by Collins throughout the interior and complimented with more sumptuous finishes such as marble and leather in a palette of ivory, parchment and shades of the signature Larusmiani blue.

Elements of the design, particularly the furniture, has been clearly influenced by the circa 1950’s building that houses the boutique. Ever present are the details that Collins is known for – grosgrain ribbon trims and contrasting saddle stitching to name a few. Of the overall design, David Collins comments, “My inspiration for the space is a reflection of the quality and attention to detail that is the hallmark of Larusmiani”.

The 3-story boutique which will house the company’s men’s and women’s wear collections will also feature a carefully curated collection of time pieces, books and cutting edge technology. Adding to the exclusivity of the environment there is a marble fireplace in the salon, each floor has a private terrace, the dressing rooms were designed as small living rooms (some of which have bathrooms!) and the lifts are lined with velvet. Così elegante!

Now I wish I’d booked a side trip to Milan from London! Speaking of which, bare with me while I get my photos and notes together…stay tuned!

Photo care of David Collins Studio.

Milan style

As promised here are the pics of Romeo Sozzi’s Milan apartment. I’ve been meaning to post and share these with you for ages now, but I’m starting to realise why people are more often stating time as their greatest luxury. Nevertheless, here they are. I’m quite in love with the colour he’s used on the majority of these walls – opposed to his Paris apartment, these are quite neutral but there is a real light and ethereal feeling about these spaces, but still warm. His use of materials is exquisite – silks, velvet, crocodile leather, ebony etc. As per his Paris apartment most the furniture is from his company Promemoria. Hope you enjoy!

All photography by Jo Pauwels, from the book “A&D Series: Urban Spaces” published in Hong Kong by Page One.