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Mark Cunningham

One of my favorite designers, Mark Cunningham, has updated his website. Not only are there stunning extra photos of the projects I had seen, but there are also photos of projects I love but didn’t realise he was responsible for. What a treat. Here are a few of my favorites….

and oldie but a goodie…

Don’t know quite what it was, but something (or a bunch of somethings) I looked at this morning on my internet travels reminded me of this room…and just how much I loved it.

Markham Roberts‘ NY apartment. From Domino Mag version 1.0 way back in Dec 2008.

Rafael de Cárdenas

I discovered the work of Rafael de Cárdenas this morning through the Dering Hall website…and I’m in lust!


This lovely New York loft is another that’s been percolating in the back of my mind of late. I love the colours…I wouldn’t mind doing something along these lines with the industrial space we are currently living in (although I WISH our ceilings were that high!). Designed by legendary Sydney based firm Burley Katon Halliday for an Aussie expat in NYC.

Funnily enough, our walls are a similar colour to this (although perhaps more of a mushroom), and our sofa is very similar to this…

This apartment was published in both Elle Decor and Vogue Living a few years ago, so I think these pics are a mix from both.

Rees Roberts

Its funny how you can kinda like a space on first viewing, but its then filed away somewhere in your subconscious, and after it has time to percolate, upon a second viewing just looks crazy amazing? Well this townhouse in NYC by Rees Roberts is one of those places. For me anyway. I love the dramatic colours in the dining room (and how great are those upholstered Prouvé dining chairs?), and the contrast of the light ethereal colours in the living space. So beautiful. I’m also kinda digging that pink tiger pattern on those footstools. The colours in that room come together so well I’m finding it rather inspiring.

Girl did good

I just returned from a fantastic two week trip.  London, Paris and a few days driving around the country side in Brittany.  It was one of those trips when you feel like you’ve been gone for twice as long, but it still went way too fast.  While I gather my thoughts and put together a post of all the wonderful sights and tastes I’ll leave you with this.  I’ve not always agreed with Nina Garcia’s thoughts as a judge on Project Runway, but I think her decision to work with Carlos Aparicio on her apartment was spot on. The mix of early 20th Century French and Scandinavian pieces is spot on. Love it.

Photographed by Björn Wallander for Architectural Digest, October 2012.


Its been a while since I’ve seen anything that’s made my jaw drop…and maybe even longer since its been from Victoria Hagan.  Not that I’m not a fan of her work, but this? This is to die for. And I don’t normally like white…

Photographed by Melanie Acevedo for Veranda magazine (Sept 2012).

A sublime sanctuary

OK, I admit it, these pics are a repeat of a post I did back in July last year…but as it was just published in the latest Architectural Digest with some new images, I just couldn’t help myself. The New York apartment of Claire Weiss was designed by Rees Roberts, and I agree with the owner, it is indeed sublime. The colours are a lot crisper in these images, and the mural which I hadn’t really noticed before is in full view now. And on second viewing, it still makes my heart skip a beat.

Photography by Thomas Loof for AD (USA) Feb 2012.

Loft living

My husband and I have recently been thinking about converting some warehouse space to live in, and while I’m obsessing over how I would furnish it, I was reminded of this amazing duplex loft apartment in New York that is the home of architect/designer James Mohn and his partner. The space was published back in the Feb/March 2004 edition of Elle Decor, but its been firmly planted in the back of my mind ever since. The high ceilings and sheer amount of light is definitely appealing, but they’ve used the space so perfectly I think. Plus, I’m in love with the artwork and their furniture…

Be still my heart

Purple lacquered library by Haynes-Roberts, photographed by William Waldron for Elle Decor Nov 2011. There are no words…

Orlando Diaz-Azcuy

This, just in case y’all were wondering, is what I’ve been obsessing over this week (wouldn’t want to leave you hanging!). Orlando Diaz-Azcuy fabulousness from Veranda magazine. Add a dash of colour and I could move right on in.

Rees Roberts

I think my heart almost skipped a beat when I saw these images of a recent project by NY based firm Rees Roberts + Partners. The firm’s website has been recently updated and contains all manner of loveliness. I love the clean lines and elegant simplicity in this apartment. I’m hoping to move apartments soon, and I only wish it was to a place that looked like this! *sigh*

Mark Cunningham

OK, I’ll take a quick break from the London lowdown to give thanks to Elle Decor for bringing a few much deserved glossy pages of Mark Cunningham’s work to us. I won’t post all the images in case you haven’t seen the spread yet. To die for. All I can say is, I can’t wait to see more from this talented designer, and what Russell does with the US Architectural Digest…

Real Estate Envy…

Looks like another of my favorite design firms, Shelton & Mindel, has updated their website recently. I am totally lusting after this place which looks like a new addition to their portfolio. I must sound like a broken record…BUT this place does have great bones. And its full of great furniture. Period architecture mixed with 20th Century icons – they do it so well. I want…or at least a small Hong Kong sized version 😉

David Collins does it again!

For those obsessive compulsive David Collins fans out there (and yes, that also means me)…if you haven’t already checked out the website of his latest project, The Charles New York, make sure you head on over and check it out. So much eye candy, so little time. *sigh*