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Herve Van Der Straeton

I found these pics of Hervé van der Straeton’s (one of my favorite designers, wh0 I’m sure will be – looking back -an outstanding figure of 21st Century design) Paris apartment on photographer Simon Watson’s website and had to share – just because I’m thinking all things French this week, and because I’ve not seen them published elsewhere. Enjoy – and have a great weekend!

Romeo Sozzi – a man of style

Romeo Sozzi – the head designer of one of my favorite furniture collections Promemoria – is one incredibly stylish man. I first came across the furniture line while perusing a favorite shopping spot in Singapore, MOIE a few years ago. All of their designs are incredibly elegant, refined and remind me just a little of the designs of another famous Italian, Gio Ponti. Only the best materials are used, as you would imagine of an Italian company. Here are just a few of my favorite designs…

Irene Chair

Sofia Chair

Theo Desk

Wanda Sofa

Gong Bronze Tables – love this!

Galadriel Desk – and this!

Frou Bed

Club Sofa

I was already familiar with Signor Sozzi’s Milan apartment, so you can imagine my delight to have found photos of his Paris apartment in the latest issue of the Italian Architectural Digest….just a little drool worthy.
The choice of colour throughout the apartment is an interesting one, a dusty rose I would probably call it. Not what you would normally call masculine, but I think with his mix of furniture and art its quite successful – it’s nothing if not unique!

Two different views of the living area. I think the fabulous bones of this apartment play a big part in getting away with this colour on such a large scale. Like most of the furniture in his apartment, the ‘Wanda’ sofa is from Promemoria. I think the image just above may be my favorite of all…the colours are so harmonious and look fabulous with the art selected. Very dreamy indeed.
As in his Milan apartment, Sozzi has chosen to paint the kitchen an entirely different colour. Not sure what the thinking is behind that move, but I guess its good to break it up a bit.

The ‘Kyoto’ cabinet and ‘Bamboo’ dining table in the casual eating area, adjacent to the kitchen.
‘Sofia’ dining chairs can been seen in the more formal dining room. The room in the background looks to be painted in a fabulous chocolate colour…I wish they’d included pics of it…from what I can see it looks amazing.
Last but not least, the bedroom which has a ‘Frou Frou’ bed and ‘Amacord’ armoire.
If these are your kind of eye candy, stay tuned for tomorrow when I’ll post pics of his Milan apartment which is equally as stylish.

Apartment photos from AD Italia, January 2009 by Giorgio Baroni. Furniture images from the Promemoria website.

Un rêve d’or

I’m loving this spread in the latest Architectural Digest (French edition). A stunning collection of objet d’or by some of the greatest contemporary designers of our day, I wouldn’t mind getting any of these from Santa this year!

The even more stunnng backdrop is the Hôtel Arturo Lopez, just outside of Paris. Built in 1903 by Italian architect Paul Rodocanachi (a frequent collaborator of Jean-Michel Frank), the Hôtel was bought by the wealthy Chilean Arturo Lopez in 1930. Every room has a different theme including a miniature copy of the hall of mirrors from Versailles, and a room entirely covered with shells. At the moment, from what I can make out, this incredible home (which was purchased by the local municipality in 1971) is now being used as a museum. I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I did!

This is probably my favorite pic…how stunning is that marble! The bronze table is by Meret Oppenheim, and the two gold spheres – one resin, the other gold leaf – are by Pierre Giraudon.

The light fixture on the left is by Hubert Le Gall, and the bookshelf on the right is by Vicenzo de Cotiis.

In front of a Herve van der Straeton mirror is a chair by Philippe Hiquilly, on top of which sits a rock table prototype by Arik Levy.

Above a plexiglas and polished pink mirror table by Guy de Rougement is a mirror by Hubert Le Gall.

A small box by Elizabeth Garouste sits atop a piece by Herve van der Straeton.

From Architectural Digest (France) No. 80, December 2008 – January 2009. All photos by Philippe Garcia.

More than a crush…

I am so in love with the images I’ve just discovered on Pierre Yovanovitch’s site!…it must have been updated sometime after I did my last post because I didn’t notice them last time…

If you liked the last ones, then you should love these. Check out his updated website for more scrumptious images.

Have a great weekend everyone!

I have a new design crush…

Okay, so I know I’ve had a few of these lately, but I think this guy is definitely one to watch – even though he’s already in the Architectural Digest top 100 list. Pierre Yovanovitch a former couture designer for Pierre Cardin, is now designing interiors. Yovanovitch’s own apartment in Paris, seen below, was what kick started his career change, and I can definitely see why.

Several views of the stunning entrance – it’s so crisp and refreshing, and just a hint at what else is to come.

A few different angles of the living room – I love the mix he has going on here. It’s quite masculine in a sense, but I think I’d feel quite comfortable in this space. Rather than filling the apartment with French treasures he has instead mixed pieces by important American designers such as Edward Wormely, Frank Lloyd-Wright and James Mont with early 20th century Scandinavian pieces, which I think has given it a great feeling of warmth.

I’m so in love with the panelling on these dining room walls!

Two different study areas – the floors in the image above are stunning!!

Photos from Architectural Digest Feb 2008 by Marina Faust (more images can be found on the website), and Home Journal May 2008 by JF Jassaud.

India in Paris

Today I am totally digging these images of a Paris apartment designed by India Mahdavi – so chic!

Parisian prints

I thought I would share some images with you all of some art that I finally had framed over the weekend. I bought these prints (actually, they’re lithographs) at a flea market in Paris – over a year ago – and I got to hang them up last night. As you can imagine, I was pretty excited! Heavens only knows why it took me so long, but they’re up now.

Andree Putman

Andree Putman is definitely one of my favorite designers. She is a living legend, and has a style that is modern, elegant and refined. These photos are of a project she completed in Paris, and were featured in the latest Belle Magazine (from Australia).

I was lucky enough to hear her talk at a design conference here in Hong Kong earlier in the year and despite her age (she’s now in her 80’s – and still creating inspirational interiors and products) she is very witty and charming, and still sports her signature coiffure and red lipstick.

I have had the book ‘Andree Putman’ on my amazon wish list for some time now….and now I’ve realised that another has been released called ‘Putman Style’ – so I’m hoping I can get both of them soom. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did!

Living room, featuring her signature crescent moon sofa’s.
Dining room featuring Putman designed pieces.
Master bedroom.
Daughter’s dressing room (hope she know’s how lucky she is!).
Husband’s office.

Stairwell with Putman designed lighting fixture.

View of kitchen, with custom made range hood and cabinets.

Another view of kitchen.

Master bathroom.