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an eye on Hong Kong

Monocle – one of my favorite magazines – finally opened their permanent store and Asian news bureau last week in the cool Star Street district of Wan Chai. Stocking back issues of the magazines as well as a curated range of product collaborations including books, posters and CDs, its just another excuse to spend some time in one of my favorite neighbourhoods. If you’re in Hong Kong and want to check it out the address is Shop 1 Bo Fung Mansion, 1 – 4 St. Francis Yard, Wanchai. The shop is open from 11am to 7pm daily.
And while you’re at it, check out my friends store directly across the road – “Blouse-ripped”. A range of stylish creations for women by a local designer – its at 15 St Francis Yard. Shop til you drop!

Vivre chic

A little birdy told me that online emporium Vivre is having a memorial day sale…no matter that we don’t celebrate memorial day on this side of the globe, who needs an excuse to shop?

My picks would be:

Stone rings by Malandrino

This leather jacket and cashmere/silk wrap by Chadwick Bell

a beautiful tiger’s eye necklace by Bounkit

AND, these super cute clutches by Hong Kong based Kotur. Probably not together, but all still gorgeous nonetheless.

Sale ends Monday at midnight EST. Happy shopping (and long weekend to my American friends)!

Weekend shopping

Amongst other things, these YSL sandals are now on my wish list…

Dreaming of summer….

Melissa Obadash zebra print string bikini, from Net-a-porter

Classic ‘Candice’ tortoishell sunglasses, from Oliver Peoples

Wide brim ‘Lola’ hat from Vivre

Christmas wishes

I checked out Lane Crawford’s (Hong Kong’s answer to Barney’s or Bergdorf Goodman) new homewares department at Pacific Place tonight, and am quite impressed. It’s about time the ultra-hip department store offered a range of furniture and accessories at the same calibre as its range of fashion! Amongst its chic offerings are tea from Marriage Frères, bedlinen by Frette and Pratesi, books by Assouline, furniture by UK-based Established & Sons, crystal by Baccarat, Wedgewood china, Tivoli audio equipment, and much much more. I love their new Christmas catalogue (see their pages of Christmas wishes below), which includes tear-out wish cards for you to give as not so subtle hints for family, friends, or partners who are a little slow to get a hint… I could have ticked all the boxes on this one (there is a different card for each department of the store), but as my darling husband just bought be a bottle of Creed‘s Spring Flowers for our wedding anniversary I thought I shouldn’t be too greedy!

Hong Kong design series – Part 2

G.O.D. (Goods Of Desire) is another of my favorite Hong Kong shopping haunts. G.O.D., named after the literal translation of the Cantonese words “to live better”, was founded by Douglas Young in 1996. It now has four stores in Hong Kong and sells wholesale to stores in New York, London, Sydney, Singapore and the Netherlands.

Young’s aim when he set out was to sell products defining “Hong Kong culture – which is a fusion of modern Asia and western lifestyle”. The above image (a jam-packed street scene in Kowloon’s Yau Ma Tei) has been reproduced on handbags, t-shirts etc. and has become instantly recognisable as a G.O.D. product.

One of the reasons I love G.O.D. so much is the variety of stock. You can find one-off vintage pieces (Shanghainese art deco if you’re lucky – or the usual communist kitsch) amongst their exclusive range, as well as a few brands that other Australians would be familiar with such as Maxwell & Williams.

The store in Causeway Bay, which is closest to me, is quite large – well, large for HK anyway – and has a garden on the eaves surrounding the upper level, so when you look out the windows you see something other than the usual concrete sprawl that is so often dominant. It stocks everything from clothing and accessories to furniture, tabletop, bedding, gifts, lighting, and homewares to stylish garden accessories and plants.

So if you’re heading to HK, I’d say definitely make a stop into G.O.D. if your schedule allows!

KWID @ BG – sneak preview!

I arrived home to find the October edition of HK magazine ‘Home Journal’, and after flicking through almost the entire thing without seeing much of interest, I stumbled upon a feature at the back on the goddess, Kelly Wearstler. Amongst a whole heap of stuff that was old news…(I swear magazines here are about 4 months behind the rest of the world)…they showed some of the new homewares range she has designed, presumably for Bergdorf Goodman. How exciting! I’m not too suprised – it seems very inspired by her typical vintage look. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of it though, especially how they merchandise it in store.

Kelly Wearstler update….

I just read on Kelly Wearstler’s website that she has teamed up with Bergdorf Goodman to create a retail store for her new home accessories line – due to open on October 19th!

I feel another trip to NY coming on….

Flea ‘n Cents

So I started a new job this week, and I’ve been having fun checking out some of the shops in my new neighbourhood. One in particular, which I discovered today (had heard of, but not been able to find the address) is a little second hand goods shop. A second hand shop is probably not sounding terribly exciting to you all, but its a bit of a rarity in Hong Kong. Asian people in general are not particularly big on second hand stuff, they much prefer newer items as they’re viewed as a bit of a luxury. Most people don’t want stuff that’s old or pre-used, otherwise you look like you can’t afford new stuff! I am generalising of course, but as a general rule, its true. So….to find a mini flea market around the corner of my office was very exciting. It’s called Flea and Cents, and they carry all kinds of designer goods, some new, some vintage, and goodies from all over, that vary in age. They have some amazing looking 1950’s lamps in on consignment at the moment, one of which looked like a green ceramic version of a Billy Haines horse head lamp. Veeeery groovy. I wish I had a pic to show you, but I don’t, so here is the original that I think it was based on.