daydream believer…

Lately my husband and I have been discussing (read fantasizing) about buying a house in Tasmania…the apple isle, the southern most tip of Australia. A million miles from anywhere and everywhere. 

Of course the minute we started talking about it I had already mentally decorated this hypothetical space in my head. I instantly started thinking I wanted to use green. Its my favorite colour, and we don’t get a lot of it in Hong Kong, so I would love to be able to surround myself with it.

“Frond” from Murobond Paints
It was only after lunch at Aberdeen Street Social on Friday that I realised how great that colour looks with smoked oak wide plank flooring.

As it would be a holiday house, I’m after something unpretentious, comfortable and relaxed. These are a few pics that are taking my breath away at the moment…

Two images above are a private residence by Faye Toogood
Three images above are Ett Hem in Stockholm, Sweden by Ilse Crawford
Two images above, Drift House, in Port Fairy, Australia
Who knows, but the time we actually get around to buying and decorating I’ll have completely changed my mind. Several times.

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