Detour & Pecha Kucha

Saturday night was the latest Pechua Kucha night in Hong Kong, one of the Detour satellite events to the BoDW this year. I don’t think I could have thought of a better venue for it myself – the old Police force married quarters. While these buildings have been gutted and are probably ready for demolition (they are on prime land after all…) – thankfully someone realised their potential as gallery space in their current state. While the Pecha Kucha speakers were doing their thing, an interesting crowd of people listened on either from the sandy “lawn” below complete with beach balls, or from the balconies of the apartments which housed a wide range of student and local artist installations. It’s nights like these, organised by forward thinking individuals, that will help this city reach its full potential and set it apart from the rest of Asia.
Here a few random photos I took of the evening…

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