Green with envy

Is this not the perfect shade of green? Am I right, or am I right? I so want those walls in my bedroom! If Gambrel keeps this up, I’ll give up now and move to NY to join his bottega…

The posts from me might be a little on the light side for the coming weeks while I finish up my full-time job and some other exciting things, so this will have to do you for a while…I promise I’ll let you know whats happening when I can! I do plan to get a website together by the end of the year with some project photos, and this blog will be a part of it.

Oh, and in breaking news, my friends Alex & Ellis’ new shop ‘Moustache’ just got a write up in the NY Times T Magazine – how exciting! I attending the shop opening on Wednesday night (such a cute space). So check out their store if you are ever in Hong Kong, or you can also buy online!

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