I heart Kelly Wearstler!

I have been a big fan of Kelly Wearstler‘s work for a while now, but funnily enough had not got around to posting about her yet. I thought that for my first (of many, I’m sure) posts about her I’d share some images that are a little different from her usual colourful, ecelectic (yes, I think this word applies to her work) and seductive interiors. I love this home because it still displays some of her signature style, but its also a little of a departure from her well-known work because its a bit more restrained on the colour side, and mixes furniture and accessories from earlier in the century (1940’s), as opposed to a lot of the mid-century pieces she typically chooses. It still has a mix of periods and styles, but I think it has a very serene, sophisticated and glamorous look, as well as being sexy. I think its a testament to her skill as a designer.

This scan is pretty bad quality, sorry, but I love the colours in this room. She’s managed to make grey and yellow a very sexy colour combination (before anyone else, and its now a huge trend). I don’t know what the art on the wall is, but it looks like some sort of plaster relief. It’s beautiful. As are the lamps and that coffee table.

I j’adore this dining room. Proably because Kelly says she was inspired by the work of Andre Arbus. You can tell. I especially love those dining chairs, the side cabinets and the mermaid-like sconces.

This is such a masculine library, I love it. The red lacquered cabinets add a bit of a chinoiserie feel for me.

Images are all from House & Garden (US) September 2006.

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