Jaime Hayon per sé

One of the most exciting events for me during my recent trip to London was being able to attend the launch party of the new range of furniture from by Jaime Hayon.

I can safely say that each of the pieces in this collection is set to be a future design classic. The ‘Arper’ lounge chair (seen below in the showroom window) is the signature piece of the collection and its easy to see why. The Arper was inspired by the form of the traditional wing-back club chair and interpreted in a way that has Hayon’s signature all over it.

My favorite piece might be the tambor table (second last image) – the super sexy shape and the combination of carrara marble and lacquered metal is so simple yet so chic. Its hard to choose though, each and every one of the designs are charming, and show a delightful selection of materials not normally seen in such a contemporary range – velvet and leather upholstery and lacquered metals in a range of subtle metallic colours teamed with classic marbles. Oh, and the colours, did I mention the colours? Divine.


If you’re in London and you missed the launch, the collection will be in show in the pop-up showroom on Brompton Road until October 5th, so go check it out!

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  • María says:

    I love Jaime Hayón.
    Your blog is stunning. Congratulations.

  • Suzy says:

    Raina, its the second time I’ve been lucky enough to be in the same room as Mr Hayon, and he really is just as handsome as he is in the photos…

    The photos of the furniture don’t do them justice…the lacquered metal finish is divine in person.

    Mary – not sure if Sé has an agent in the US but I’m sure if you email them they can let you know!

  • mary says:

    Wow–these are fantastic pieces. I wonder when they are coming to the USA?

  • qerat says:

    Outstanding pieces. It is amazing what good design can do to you, I just felt happy looking at them

  • Blue says:

    It’s rare I see modern furniture that doesn’t just seem to be a gratuitous reworking of an older form and these are something more than that. I wish I could see them – that skeletal wing chair looks wonderful.

  • Raina Cox says:

    What an absolutely fantastic party to attend! I have a big crush on Senor Hayon and an even bigger crush on his designs.

    P.S. I would die a happy woman if I owned that chair.

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