Just in time for Spring!

One of my favorite furniture designers, Romeo Sozzi – founder of the Italian Promemoria line, has just launched an outdoor collection. Oh how I wish I had a rooftop now!

The Green Tales collection was inspired by Lake Como and the surrounding mountains of Sozzi’s home, Lecco, in Northern Italy. Designed to be used both indoor and out, each piece is made with the same level of craftsmanship as Promemoria’s indoor collections. Using the same luxurious materials: wood, bronze, marble and rattan, the collection definitely does not look like any other outdoor range I’ve ever seen.

In addition to being incredibly chic, its also about to be incredibly Eco friendly. Promemoria is in the process of having all the timber used FSC certified, meaning it will come from sustainably harvested timbers. It also means it will count towards points for LEED certifcation. What more could you want?

The seriously stunning Belvedere Chaise. I want one. Or even better, two. Bronze and wood, my favorite combination.

The Menaggio loungers. The Twin size is a great option.

Varenna Chair & Ottoman

Moltrasio Sofa. Yum.

various Lierna marble tables. Seriously cool for inside or out. imagine one next to a free-standing marble bath!

And last, but not least, the Erasmo table.

All images care of Promemoria

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