David Collins Studio has done it again! Their latest project is “Massimo” located in the brand new five star Corinthia Hotel, which opened at the end of April. The restaurant is named after the Roman chef Massimo Riccioli who will bring his signature cooking to London for the very first time.

The design was inspired by the beauty of the late Victorian building, and mixes English architectural references with classical Italian styling.

The overall mood of relaxed elegance has been created throughout the space using a stunning colour combination colour of black, white and rich green. The details that David Collins Studio is renowned for are definitely on show here, and many of Collins’ signature luxury materials have been used to their best advantage – timbers, marbles, leathers and glassware sourced from around the world.

In addition, David Collins was very keen that the design reflect the exquisite simplicity of Massimo’s cooking, commenting: “Our vision was to make this restaurant simple, informal, enjoyable and beautiful – as always translating words into reality is a journey, and this journey has been exciting and fun.”

Its definitely a winner in my book, and will be high on my list of restaurants to check out on my next trip to London (which, with another wedding coming up, might not be that far away!)

Photograph by Richard Powers, care of David Collins Studio

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