Metallic walls

I’ve been noticing the use of metal leaf wallcoverings more and more recently and I’m thinking it can look quite stunning in the right setting. I’ve managed to find a few sources of wallpaper. Maya Romanoff and Phillip Jeffries both have metal leaf wallpapers in silver, gold and other colours. The only other way (that I’m aware of) to acheive a similar look, that is perhaps less of a budget constraint, would be to use a metallic or pearl look paint. Porters Paints (from Australia, but they have some international distributors) has a liquid gold, silver, stainless steel or iron paint, as well as lustre and pearlized finishes. Murobond (also an Australian company – not many international distributors unfortunately) also has a pearl paint that gives a similar look.

Both images are of Barbara Barry furniture collections, the top image is from her collection for Baker furniture, the one below is from her collection for Henredon. I am a huge fan of Barbara Barry and I love these two images above. I think the contrast between the dark wood furniture and the silver leaf used on the walls is stunning.

Both images from Jan Showers. I especially love the use of silver leaf in this foyer above – what a glamorous entrance!

I love the walls in this room, a bit bling and a bit old-world glam too. Both images are of the dining room in the Long Island home of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, decorated by Thom Filicia. From the Vogue Living special issue – Fall/Winter 2006. Wallcoverings shown here are from Roger Arlington Inc.

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  • Suzy says:

    Hi Elaine – I would try Maya Romanoff, Anya Larkin and Philip Jeffries. Good Luck!

  • Elaine says:

    Dear Suzy,

    I am British loving in America. I’ve been an interior designer for 29 years and I love glamorous interiors. At this moment I am designing a glamorous house in Norfolk, VA. The wallpaper in the Jan Showers foyer on your blog is what I am looking for the dining room of this house. Do you have any idea where it comes from? Look forward to hearing from you.
    Elaine Caplan

  • s says:

    We sell a variety of goldleaf and silver leaf wallpapers.

    To make it easy.. we own..


    Tell us ou saw us at Studio Annette

  • Suzy says:

    Hi Franki – thanks for visiting my blog. I agree with Saladino and Patricia, ceilings are ignored all too often and provide an opportunity to do something a little different. Patricia you’ll have to send us photos when you’re done!

  • franki durbin says:

    I love the idea of the coffered ceiling as a jewel of the home! it reminds me of John Saladino’s approach to design…he always looked at the ceiling as just another plane we ought to be adorning…not ignoring. Sounds great, Patricia!

  • Suzy says:

    Wow, Patricia, that’s great. How exciting too – I love those flashes of inspiration. Good luck with the renovations, I know how overwhelming that can be. I don’t think its any easier being a designer, in fact I think it makes the whole process more difficult because you are aware of all the great products available, and its so much easier narrowing down the choices for a client!

  • says:

    So…this post has been on my mind all day and I am in the process of doing a total renovation on my new townhouse in downtown Vancouver. It is starting to get to the stage in construction that I am pondering how I am going to decorate it. It is a split level and when you come in the front entry through the dining room you look up into the living room and see this large expanse of ceiling, which is semi-coffered. So I was thinking outside the box,
    and as I feel that ceilings are the most neglected surface of all, I had this flash that I would silver leaf the ceiling!!! So I owe
    this monumental brainwave of inspiration to your wonder post. Thank-you and thank-you again.

  • Sarah Jennings says:

    Two of my favorite designers…Jan Showers and Barbara Barry. Last year I saw a beautiful library in a showhouse with silver leaf on the ceiling, and it was stunnong. Very luxe. Great post!

  • Suzy says:

    Hi Patricia – thanks for the comments. I think a small room – especially a powder room – would look fabulous in godl or silver leaf. How glam!

  • says:

    I am a big fan of silver & gold tea leaf papers. I also use the real thing on smaller pieces. I am just having a powder room vanity & dining room buffet done in gold leaf. I don’t think that the metallic paints would give the same effect unless there was some way to get the look of squares. Anyways brilliant post and your resources are excellent as alway and so well researched!!!

  • The Peak of Chic says:

    I do love this look; in fact, I would love to do my walls in silver teapaper.

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