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As promised here are the pics of Romeo Sozzi’s Milan apartment. I’ve been meaning to post and share these with you for ages now, but I’m starting to realise why people are more often stating time as their greatest luxury. Nevertheless, here they are. I’m quite in love with the colour he’s used on the majority of these walls – opposed to his Paris apartment, these are quite neutral but there is a real light and ethereal feeling about these spaces, but still warm. His use of materials is exquisite – silks, velvet, crocodile leather, ebony etc. As per his Paris apartment most the furniture is from his company Promemoria. Hope you enjoy!

All photography by Jo Pauwels, from the book “A&D Series: Urban Spaces” published in Hong Kong by Page One.

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  • Topsy Turvy says:

    Suzy – these rooms are so beautiful – they are like paintings. Very artful.


  • Suzy says:

    Good point Lorenz!

  • Lorenz says:

    I always found that clients react better to seeing rooms that seem lived in. It’s easier to picture yourself living there.

  • Suzy says:

    Karena – good picks, I love that sofa too, and there is not much I wouldn’t do for that bathtub..!

  • Karena says:

    Suzy, I Love the fuscia tufted sofa, fabulous! The bath tub is also amazing.

  • Your House and Life says:

    I’d love to know that gorgeous brown/purple perfect color! I had to come back for a second glance.

  • Suzy says:

    Lorenz – I agree. I wonder whether it was “styled” like this for the photos, or whether it is always like this. He may have been going for a showroom look considering it probably partly is. But I do agree, it is a bit impersonal.

    Your House & Life – thanks for stopping by!

  • Your House and Life says:

    How have I not found you? I love the blog, will be back often!

  • Lorenz says:

    clean and pure and uncluttered – granted. what i mean is the very unpersonal appeal of it. i’m also a “cleanie” and i cannot stand “stuff” cluttered all over the place. but this does so much look like a show appartment, like a display in a furniture store – dont you think? it’s especially the absence of pictures on the walls i believe. somehow these are always very important for me. i even have to restrict myself there, because walls tend to overgrow with pictures as soon as i manage to get them under my control…

  • Suzy says:

    Hi Lorenz – thats quite true. The colours are timeless but there really isn’t anything personal in the space. Perhaps he’s done this on purpose. While if it were my own space it would definitely be full of “stuff”, which is why I guess I’m drawn to spaces like this, so clean and pure and so uncluttered!

  • Lorenz says:

    I love the timelessness of these rooms. they could be 1930s, very sophisticated 1970s or just contemporary. there even is a light ring of Biedermeier here and there.
    The colours are amazing indeed.
    I must say though that i miss some art. this looks very much like a showpiece. Except for the books theres is nothing personal. Of course you remove your personal stuff when photos are taken. But paintings and other artwork are definitely missing IMO.

  • Suzy says:

    Hi Columnist – I think its just a case of “the grass is always greener”, I’ve always had itchy feet and will probably never be 100% satisfied no matter where I’m living! HK is not always easy but it definitely does have benefits, hence me still being here. I think we’ll be here for a few more years at least. Especially whith this economic situation, we’re not as hard hit as other parts of the world.

  • columnist says:

    Suzy – love the pictures you’ve shown. Pure, understated and exquisite.

    Sorry to hear that you’re waning on Asia. Hong Kong is a tough place – I lived there for 20 years (and longer as a holidaying expat brat). I left in 2000 because I’d had enough. 3 1/2 years in UK was not the answer – my soul is in Asia.

    But on my return trips to HK I realise I don’t miss it now, (although of course it has changed in the intervening period).

    But Bangkok seems to be providing the answer right now. And believe me, sometimes it can infuriate.

    The reality is everywhere can!

  • My Notting Hill says:

    Love the purply-blue wall and the bathroom pics. Great floors in there.

  • Suzy says:

    Hi Vicky – how I ended up in HK is a long story…but I know what you mean about being glad to leave. I do enjoy living here for now, but I am slowly growing tired of living in Asia. I think I’d like to be in New York or London next!

  • vicky darnell says:

    Enjoyed your pictures! I was in Hong Kong for 10 days this time last year. Interesting place, but was so happy to return to the states! How is it that you are based there?

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