More culinary delights…

I have a few more to share with you before I get this part of the house out of my system. This post is partly in honour of my Nth American friends who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday.

Two stunningly classic kitchens by Anne Coyle.

Three by the legendary Thomas O’Brien (top image is his own NY apartment). The bottom one is definitely my favorite. What I would do for that much space! Space a aside, I love the design. He is one designer (along with Mr Gambrel) who always manages to make utility rooms look stylish.

from House & Garden.

A kitchen by “The Wearstler” – a little more modern that I normally go for, but I quite like how she combines materials together. The wood countertop and the black splashback seem to warm up the mass of stainless steel a bit.

This one is from NY based Glenn Gissler. The colour is not one that I would personally chose for a kitchen, but I love the cabinetry with the silver edging. Very sleek and chic!

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  • From my style files – London Chic | Studio Annetta says:

    […] cabinetry – I must be onto something here, it reminds me of a Glenn Gissler kitchen from a previous post. I really love how light it is. So […]

  • franki durbin says:

    Wow. As I hot that bottom image I was floored. I’m not normally a sage and lavender fan either..but the concealed cabinetry, gleaming chrome accents and carefully chosen lighting certainly make for a nice photo.

    And Wearstler. Do her talents know no bounds? Impeccable as usual!

  • Design Scouting says:

    These are spectacular! I just found your blog — its great. Thanks for all the inspiration. Abbey

  • -Suzie- says:

    Hi Suzy,
    I am back and blogging. Thank you for your help (leaving a message with my access problems as a comment). I found a way around!! Great.
    I see I missed a lot on your blog. Lovely bathrooms and kitchens. Thank you for sharing your files. I love it. I need it (for Palazzo Pizzo).
    Suzie from Beijing

  • patricia gray says:

    I like the way Glenn Gissler used all the pendant lights hanging from the ceiling instead of using the boring and safe “recessed pot light”. I admire that kind of creativity.

  • patricia duff says:

    I’m seeing more and more of these small, ceiling light fixtures in mas for kitchens and am preferring them to the standard recessed fixtures. These ones are particularly architectural and go very well with the architectural structure of the cabinetry.

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