Mr Catroux’s chicness

One of my favorite parts of “Living in Style Paris” was getting to see more of the work of legendary designer François Catroux. It was such a treat for me mostly because he doesn’t have a website with a portfolio for me to sate my visual cravings on a regular basis.

Even a google search does not return much…not much more than what I have already posted on the stylish man of internet mystery (do other bloggers experience that too? its very frustrating…)

I did come across this lovely home a while ago (can’t for the life of me remember where, so sorry there will be no credit unless someone out there can assist in that department)…and it quietly whispers Catroux style in abundance.

From what I have seen of his work, Catroux uses neutrals like a master and makes a “beige” room seem warm, rich and inviting. These are no exception. He’s also a virtuoso at mixing modern and vintage. The work of one of my faves Hervé van der Straeton seems to be also a favorite of Monsieur Catroux and his clients as I noticed a few of his pieces in this apartment.

I’m particularly enamoured with the walls of the study…


…so what does everyone else think?

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