Revisiting old favorites…

My impending trip to London has me revisiting some old favorites from my files…this one is a family home decorated by Paolo Moschino.

Pale neutral walls teamed with dark wood floors, great art and a mix of furniture is always a winner in my eyes. The dining room is a great mix of old and new, and the touches of pink are subtle but chic. To be honest though, any room with a Francis Bacon hanging is going to be good as far as I’m concerned. I love the colour palette in the living room, as well as the 4 Vipers series by Philip Taaffe. I fell in love with his work after seeing a piece from the same series hanging in another incredibly chic London home by Jacques Grange. That’s not all these two home owners have in common…they’re also both friends of Valentino – as if they’d be anything other than chic!

Images photographed by Simon Upton from the April 2009 edition of Elle Decor.

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  • Carpet Pro says:

    Hi Suzy! Great photos, really inspiring rooms, both of them are so visually appealing and balanced. Really like the wood paneling in the living room, as well as the color palette. The dining room is also very neutral, but the mirrors and artwork make a bold statement. Thanks for sharing this inspirational photos!

  • Suzy says:

    Bob, I thik you’re referring to “Wabi Sabi” – and you might be right!

  • Bob says:

    The center pillow is not straight either. Would you call this piling on? LOL
    What is the Japanese gardener’s term when one always leaves a little imperfection like a scraggly limb to infer natures not man’s work? Ok so the snake misalignment is pushing it a little.

  • Suzy says:

    Hi Columnist, I actually don’t mind the size of the Bacon for where it is. But you’re right, the Vipers aren’t hung straight – something I just noticed myself…and yes, that’d drive me to distraction too!

  • columnist says:

    I like the Bacon (print), but I find it a bit distracting that it is too large for the panelling above the chimneypiece. Also the fact that the viper series is not hung straight would drive me to distraction. Picky, picky I truly am.

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