I had a great long weekend in Singapore – perfect weather, delicious food and wine, great shopping and even better company. One of the many things I love about Singapore is the blend of architectural styles. The city has done a great job of retaining and using its colonial architecture and mixing it with the new and modern. Something that Hong Kong sadly lacks. Amongst the lovely places we wined and dined over the weekend, our breakfast venue on our last morning was the most memorable. Set in the lush Rochester Park area in an old “Black and White” (the term for the colonial homes painted in, funnily enough, black and white), amongst what felt like a tropical paradise.

I found a few examples of colonial buildings that have been renovated and refurbed…this one is by a Singaporean architectural firm called Ong & Ong. It looks to me like a typical shop house on the outside, but the inside is a totally different story. Its been opened up and modernised in a way that is still sympathetic to the original design. Furnished with modern asian style furniture and accessories, this is definitely not what you would be expecting from the exterior.

If I have time tomorrow I’ll post another colonial home I found and you can vote for your favorite!

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