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I’m back from my unscheduled hiatus…a bit of a head cold…and a friend visiting over the Easter weekend break had me away from blogland for longer than expected. While recuperating from my cold I devoured several magazines (not that I need an excuse), including April’s Spanish Architectural Digest. A feast for the eyes it is! I’m assuming not everyone has read it (well, I didn’t really read it either…my España is about as advanced as my Swahili, truth be told) so I’m sharing these pics of the featured apartment of NY Times “T Magazine” editor Stefano Tonochi – its so beautiful I just couldn’t resist. But then, what sort of apartment would you expect from a man who’s been photographed by the Sartorialist..?

Stefano Tonochi as photographed by the Satorialist….rather handsome indeed!

The apartment was done by the amazing architect Annabelle Selldorf and is full of fantastic furniture. All the big names are here, Van der Rohe, McCobb, Probber, Prouve, Robsjohn-Gibbings….a recipe for success if you ask me.

Every room is so light and airy – the total opposite of my place…I’d be so happy living here.

This library (and those Gio Ponti Wing backs!) – soooo drool worthy!

There were so many other great features in the Spanish AD I highly recommend you go get a copy…the European editions are fast becoming some of my favorite monthlies these days.

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  • Suzy says:

    Lana – ALL of the European AD’s are much better than the US version, I really don’t know why its not so great. Anyway, I highly recommend you pick yourself up a copy!

  • Topsy Turvy says:

    Wow – It doesn’t get much more sophisticated and elegant than this! Is that a wall mural in the living room? If this is a typical feature for Spanish AD, I might have to subscribe. Looks much better than the American edition.


  • david john says:

    this is an icredible layout, and such a handsome man to boot!

    i love the study…

  • franki durbin says:

    wonderful, wonderful images. I don’t think I even need to know how to read other languages – design is a universal language like beauty, music, love and money. LOL.

    You might be on to something…maybe I need to drop my domestic subs & get exclusively international subscriptions. me loves it!

  • Suzy says:

    Gift wrapped life – NY apparently!

    M21 – just curious, is it him, or the apartment you’re in love with (or both?) – because I am too, and I might have to fight you for it/ him 😉

    Me too Paul…oh to have the space for that many books!

  • Paul Pincus says:

    the library is one of the beautiful rooms i’ve ever seen! thank you for posting this, suzy. the entire apartment by selldorf is brilliant. a masterwork. i’m in love!

    happy weekend.

  • A Gift Wrapped Life says:

    A well-dressed man with a well-dressed home. You just answered my question…..where are they?

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