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I felt like something different today, so I’m posting some fashion images. I love these shots of Polish model Daria Werbowy – so chic and soooo glamorous. I wanted to share them because I think this is the most beautiful fashion shoot I’ve seen in a long time. These images are from Vogue (the China edition, suprisingly enough), from April 2006. I came across a copy of the magazine at a cafe in Shanghai airport and fell in love with these images, as well as an interiors feature they had done on Mary McDonald’s office – my first introduction to her work. I was so taken with it that I took it with me…(yes, I stole a copy of a magazine – it’s dispicable, and I’m thoroughly ashamed of myself – I should clarify that it wasn’t for sale, it was an old edition sitting around for patrons to read…). Anyway, I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do.

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  • Suzy says:

    OK girls, if you want to see the spread on Mary McDonald I’ll post it on Monday. Thanks for the comments. I must say, that is the first time I have actually taken a full magazine, normally I just tear out pages, but it was the Chinese edition and I didn’t fancy my chance of getting a copy of a back-issue, and I couldn’t live without it!

  • says:

    PS I am sure you would look very sassy in that hot little black dress you have on you I wish list.
    Go for it….and if you do you must post a picture.

  • says:

    Yes, please let us see Mary’s office. You naughty girl….I have been know to tear pictures out of magazines and take whole magazines occassionally …always discretly. I am glad you took this one. I won’t tell the magazine police!!

  • The Peak of Chic says:

    That is a beautiful spread! I have to admit that I’m a bit provincial when it comes to fashion photography- I prefer pretty over artsy anyday!

    (PS- Can you scan in the photos of Mary McDonald’s office so that we can see that too?)

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