Waterfront Kitchen

Its been so damn cold and dreary in Hong Kong lately…I almost feel like I’m living in London (minus the architecture or culture). Today though, we finally have blue skies above. 

Speaking of London, and blue, I am very happy to be able to share with you some pics of a recently completed project by the talented team at London-based Central Design Studio. ‘Waterfront Kitchen’ is a casual dining space in The Hilton Vienna, on the banks of the Danube.

The palette consists of limed oak, blackened steel, riven slate which is accented with a rich cobalt blue. All the furniture was designed and custom made for the space, including the coloured glass fixtures by Isabel Hamm.

The team worked hand in hand with graphic designer Jon Powell to create all the branded material for the restaurant, ensuring that the restaurant has a consistent feel throughout. A very important part of designing restaurants, for sure.

Well, I for one don’t mind being transported here for the afternoon – even if it is just via photos. Enjoy!

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